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My saved addresses

When creating an order, the Origin/Destination Location field is required. You can manage the addresses that you use most often and save them for re-use later. 

Feature requirements: Order Management features are not enabled by default. We are in the process of making this functionality available to all customers who need it. Your Lineage sales representative will be in touch when we have the functionality available to you.


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 User environment(s): Customer tenant

Manually enter an address

When adding details to an order, if you cannot find the appropriate location to assign an origin/destination, there is an option to Manually enter an address, then save it for re-use later. See instructions below.


Within the Order Overview, click on the Origin/Destination Location field to expand and from the drop-down, click + Enter Manually.

In the Manually enter an address modal window, enter in a custom Location Name that will be easy for you to remember, then fill in all applicable address information. Click DONE to add the manually entered address to the order.

 Pro-tip! To save the address for re-use on other orders, click Save to the right of the address, then click DONE from the pop-up modal.

Your saved addresses will display in the origin/destination location drop down

Note: Up to 5 locations will display at a time in the drop down.

 Edit/delete a saved address

To edit or delete one of your previously saved addresses, type in the origin/destination location name/address you’re looking for, then select it from the search results.


 On the right, next to the address selected, click Edit to make changes, or Delete to remove it from your saved addresses.

If you decide to edit the address, complete your changes in the modal window, then click DONE to save your changes. 

Modify an existing address

Type in the origin/destination location name/address you’re looking for, then select it from the search results.

To begin making changes to the selected address, click save next to the Origin Address.

Pro-tip! Enter in a custom Location Name that will be easy for you to remember when looking up the address to add to other orders later.

Make changes to the address in the modal window, then click DONE. Your changes have been saved!

Congrats! You've completed: My saved addresses

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