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Visibility to shipment processing events

Facility processing events (e.g., sign in, load start, sign out) are visible from a shipment on the Timeline tab.

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User environment(s): Customer tenant

Accessing a shipment timeline

Use Global Search to quickly lookup a shipment by reference ID or appointment confirmation number. 

Once on a shipment, select the Timeline tab to access the shipment processing events.

Two toggles are available under the Timeline tab of a shipment:

    All: Selecting All will provide visibility into the shipment’s transaction history from the time it was scheduled/created to its most recent changes to the shipment/appointment.

    Route: Selecting Route will provide visibility to specific processing events at a Lineage facility within their Warehouse Management System, such as when a driver has signed in, the loading or unloading process has begun, and when a driver has signed out from the Lineage facility.

Understanding warehouse shipment events

From the Timeline tab of a Shipment, the Route toggle will provide you with live updates on shipment and facility processing events as they occur in real-time. Select Show/hide events to expand/collapse the timestamps for each processing event.

Common facility processing events:

    Arriving: Checking in (WMS) at the gate/office.

•    Sign In: Paperwork exchanged.

•    Load Start: The warehouse starts to load/receive the product.

•    Load Complete: The warehouse has completed loading/receiving the product.

•    Sign Out: The carrier has received their paperwork and has left the office.

Note: Events displayed may vary in sequence, depending on the timing of the processing events and how they occur depending on the type of Warehouse Management System at the Lineage facility.