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Share a link to a scheduled shipment

Create a direct link to a scheduled shipment to share with your customer. This provides visibility to processing events that occur at a local Lineage facility, such as driver arrival, active loading or unloading, and driver check-out.

This article covers:

User environment(s): Customer tenant

Access the link-sharing options from a shipment

Use Global Search to quickly look up a shipment by a reference ID, or an appointment confirmation number.

Select the Sharing tab for the shipment and scroll down to the Links section of the page where you can access link-sharing options for any existing links that were already created and shared with a customer or create a new one.

Create and share a shipment link

From the Sharing tab of a shipment scroll down and select + Add link to open the Create link modal window.

In the Create link modal window, there are optional fields that allow controls for how the shipment is shared with others. 

Note: If you leave all fields blank, the link you create will be “public” and can be shared with anyone at any time.

Click CREATE to generate a hyperlink to the shipment.

Once a shipment link has been created, you can click COPY and then paste the link as needed, to send to others.

The hyperlink to the shipment will then provide your customer with visibility of the individual shipment where they can see the Map (estimated route), a summary of the scheduled shipment, stops, and basic processing events as they occur.