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Organize data in a list view

For better visibility of key information, organize the data displayed for any list view in Lineage Link. After you customize a list view, it will retain the organization you’ve done so that you don’t have to do it every time you sign in.

This article covers:

User environment(s): Lineage tenant, Customer tenant

Show or hide a column

Depending on what data is applicable to your organization and your needs, you can show or hide specific columns to customize any list view in Lineage Link. Below is an example of how to do this.

Once you’re in list view, select the 3-dots icon at the top-right, and scroll up or down to see a variety of column options.

Select/deselect each column that applies to your needs. Selected columns will show a checkmark.

Note: Once you’ve added columns, you may need to scroll left or right in the list to view them.

Re-arranging columns

Prioritize which columns are displayed from left to right in your list view by dragging and dropping the headings.  



Expand/shrink the view of the information displayed in a column by hovering over the column divider and dragging it left or right. 

Tag or favorite information from a list view

To easily search/filter for information later, you can apply a Tag or Favorite to one or more lines in any list view within Lineage Link.

Pro-tip! Adding a Tag will allow others within your organization to find the information easily too.


Select the line or multiple lines that you wish to tag by clicking the check box to the left.


Depending on which page you are on, from the list view, click the 3-dots or Tag button at the bottom-right to begin applying the tag.



Either search for and apply an existing Tag used by your organization already or create a new one, then click SAVE.


Once you’ve applied a Tag, you can search using the Tags filter from the Global Search bar, then enter it in the search to locate the tagged information.