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Export data to Excel

Export and download data in real-time, from any list view to an Excel spreadsheet (.XLSX) file.

This article covers:

 User environment(s): Customer tenant; Lineage tenant


File download options

File download options available in Lineage Link depend on the number of results displayed in the list view of a page. Applying a filter will allow you to refine the number of results listed. 

Note: The Download icon is greyed out if no filter is applied or a filter pulls more than 1,000 results. Ensure you apply filter criteria to narrow the list view of results to less than 1,000 before downloading.

Export & download to Excel

You can export and download live data from any list view on a page in Lineage Link, such as the Orders or Shipments page.


Before using the Download icon to export data to an Excel (.XLSX) file, the following is required: 

Select list view from the top-right of your page view options.

Apply filter criteria to refine the results displayed in the list view.

Click the Download icon to export results to an Excel (.XLSX) file. Please see the File download options section of this article for more information.