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Report definitions

The following reports are included in Lineage Reports available through Lineage Link. To access these reports, expand the shortcuts menu by selecting the Lineage Link logo. Note: Report data is available for select Warehouse Management Systems at each facility location. As we continue to expand our network, you can see the status of available reports by WMS. 


Pro-tip! To see which facility locations are available for a particular report, after selecting a report, you can review the available facilities listed in the options menu on the left first.

This article covers: Select a topic to view definitions and use cases for each type of report.


The following reports are listed under the Inventory category.

Report name


Common use cases

HPP Log - Analysis

High-pressure processing information by date range

  • What Items /lots entered HPP today?
  • Have my lots completed HPP?
  • How much of X item has completed HPP this week?

Inventory - Adjustment Confirmation

Record of adjustments by item #, adjustment reason, and date range

  • What adjustments occurred [last week] to these items/lots?
  • Why did these adjustments occur?

Inventory - Distressed Stock by Lot

Lots in danger of expiration by days to expiration

  • What lots will be expiring in X days?

Inventory - Lot Detail

Lot details by item # and storage requirements

  • How much of X item do I have available to ship?
  • What is the shelf life of an item?
  • What lots are on hold?

Inventory - Lot History

Complete lot history events from receipt to deplete by lot #

  • What happened to a single lot over its entire lifespan?
  • Is this lot currently committed to any orders?
  • What purchase order was this lot received on?
  • How many cases were shipped from a lot last month?

Inventory - Lot Summary on Hold

Lot hold summary by item # and lot #

  • What LOTS are on hold / on hand/ committed/ available?

Inventory - Lots and Pallets On Hold - Analysis

Lot & pallet hold details by lot #, hold code, and pallet ID

  • Which lots/pallets are on hold at a facility by hold code?
  • If available, which customer pallet ID's/LPN are on hold?

Inventory - On Hand Inventory - Analysis

Current inventory detail filterable by item # and storage type

On Hand: Total quantity at the facility

Committed: Quantity allocated to an order

Available: On Hand minus Committed

  • What do I have on hand at X facility?
  • How much of X item/lot is committed to orders?
  • What is on hand/committed/available?

Inventory - Recurring Storage Detail - Analysis

Invoice storage detail by item # and date range

  • When were lots received and when was I last billed for storage?

Inventory - Stock Movement - Analysis

Item movements by lot #, item #, and date range

  • I want to see every transaction made across items at a facility over a certain time period.
  • How many cases of X item were shipped in the last 60 days?
  • What adjustments have been made against X item this week?

Inventory - Stock Summary - Analysis

On hand & available inventory by item # and storage requirements

  • What Items do I have at a facility?
  • What is the total on hand quantity of each item at a facility?

Trace Report

Track inventory history by lot #, item #, and date range. Note: This report includes the Customer pallet # where applicable.

  • When was a Lot # received?
  • Where has that Lot # been shipped?
  • What QTY of a Lot # is left at a facility?
  • Have adjustments been made to a Lot #?



The following reports are listed under the Invoicing category.

Report name


Common use cases

Invoicing - Billing Detail - Analysis

Invoice and billing details by bill type and date range

  • What was charged to receive this PO/ Lot?



The following reports are listed under the Orders category.

Report name


Common use cases

Orders - Order Detail by Line Item

Order detail by direction (inbound/outbound) and date range

  • What orders came in or left X facility and what did they contain?
  • What orders have shipped at X facility so far today?
  • What did the facility receive on my purchase order?

Orders - Order Details Cuts By Reason Code - Analysis

Orders lines by item #, shipment #, and date range

  • What orders had cuts on them last [month]?
  • What was the original ordered quantity before the cut?

Orders - Outbound Summary

Summary of outbound orders by order #, confirmation #, and date range

  • What orders shipped today? What has not shipped?
  • What is planned to ship tomorrow? How much?
Orders - Projected Inventory ShortageIdentifies product shortages for a specific customer and a particular facility and the orders they have to ship for near future dates. 
  • Which items have potential shortages?
  • What is the available qty for items with shortages? 
  • When are the inbounds expected for that item? 
  • How many of the items with shortages are placed on hold? 
  • How many items are available to be committed to orders? 
  • How many orders can I fulfill with the expected inbounds?



The following reports are listed under the Scheduling category.

Report name


Common use cases

Scheduling - Appointment Summary Report

Appointment details by confirmation # and date range.

  • What is coming in/leaving a Lineage facility? What are the service types for the appointments? (Pallet, Slipsheet, Rail, etc.)
  • Is my carrier arriving on time for their appointment? When did the carrier leave the facility?
  • What is the status of the orders on my appointments?



The following reports are listed under the Shipments category.

Report name


Common use cases

Shipments - Shipping Confirmation

Record of shipped orders with lines by date range

  • What has shipped [today]?

Shipments - Truck Log Outbound by MBOL


Outbound truck appointment information by MBOL, carrier, destination, and date range

  • What time did my carrier arrive and leave?
  • Was anything cut on an order?

Turn Time - Analysis

Truck turn times by confirmation # and date range

  • Did my carrier arrive on time/late?
  • How long did Lineage take to service this appointment?
  • When did my carrier leave the Lineage facility?