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Customize your notification rules

Create customized notification rules that alert you when you need to take action.

This article covers:

Access and manage notification rules

Navigate to your user profile by clicking on the profile icon, then click on notifications.

Select a section to expand or collapse the list of notification rules within that category (e.g., shipments/orders/inventory).

To manage a notification rule you have the following options:

Create a new notification rule

You can create notification rules for the following categories.


To create a new notification rule, click the + create rule button to display the modal window.

Customize your notification rule by filling in all the applicable fields based on the type of event you need to be notified of.

Rule name: First, give your rule a name. This can be anything that will help you identify the rule in the list of all your notification rules. 

Entity: The entity field is set automatically based on the section you’re creating a rule in (e.g., shipment/orders/inventory) and controls what type of notification rule you’re creating.

When: Select the event that you want to be notified about when it occurs. Depending on the entity you selected you will see a drop-down menu of event options to choose from.

If (required) Group: When creating a rule for shipments, orders, or exceptions the group field will appear. This is a required field that will automatically populate based on the organization(s) your user is assigned to in Lineage Link.

If needed, you can add/remove groups. You can also choose to exclude groups by selecting “is not”.

And (required): When creating a rule within the orders category, the order type field will appear. 

This is a required field that will allow you to choose between two order types:

Note: If you do not see the warehouse order type, this is because your organization’s Lineage Link tenant has not yet been updated to reflect more than one order type. In this case, all orders will fall under a transportation order.

+ Add criteria: An optional field that will allow you to customize notification rules to a more granular level. For example, if you only want to receive order notifications for a specific customer, you can select the customer origin/destination. If needed, you can also remove a customer origin/destination from the notification rule by selecting “is not”.

It is recommended to add criteria if you want to narrow the scope of a notification you’re receiving. Otherwise, the notification rule will trigger anytime the broad event occurs.

Notification method

Select one or more notification methods described below, then click the save button to enable your notification rule.

For example, depending on the notification method you’ve chosen for each notification rule, they will appear in the following places:

Web app: Notifications will appear under the bell icon within the Lineage Link application located in the upper-right corner by your company logo/profile icon. Look for the blue badge indicator to see how many new notifications have been posted. 


Email: Notifications are sent to the same email address (primary) you use to sign-in to Lineage Link. Note: Check your spam blocker to ensure emails are allowed from

Mobile app: You will receive a notification within the “Turvo app” on your smartphone along with a link to the specific event within Lineage Link.

Text message: You will receive a notification via text message along with a hyperlink to the specific event within Lineage Link.