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Track order progress

Monitor your inbound or outbound orders as they progress throughout their lifecycle.


This article covers:

Order type

The order type is displayed on the order summary card beneath its company name. 

Warehouse order: An order placed to authorize the receipt of product (inbound) or the shipment of the product (outbound) to/from Lineage that is stored in a Lineage facility network location.

Order phase & status

Outlined below is the warehouse order type the statuses that occur within each work phase.


Warehouse order

In Lineage Link you have visibility to warehouse orders as they progress through phases, from open to closed.

Open phase

Once an order is received by the Lineage warehouse, you will see it in Lineage Link. It will remain in the open phase under the confirmed status until it is scheduled for an appointment.

Status within this phase:

In the open phase, you can make the following changes to an order:


Plan phase

Once an order is scheduled and has an appointment confirmation it will move into the plan phase.

 Statuses in this phase:


In the plan phase, scheduled status you can make the following changes to an order:

Once an order is in the plan phase and committed status, you cannot make changes to the order. Note: If you need to make an exception, please reach out to Customer Service.



Once the warehouse begins staging order line items it will move into the processing phase. 

Statuses in this phase:


No changes can be made to the orders within the processing phase.



Once order paperwork is reviewed and the warehouse marks it complete, it moves to closed.



If an order is canceled while it’s still in the open phase in the confirmed status, or in the plan phase and scheduled status, you will see it move to the canceled phase.