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Data retention policy

In a continuous effort to strengthen our platform's service and reliability, we’ve updated our data retention policy. The table below by data type outlines the updated retention periods. 

Client Data
Data TypeRetention Period
Client data unless otherwise defined below*3 years
Telemetry/location data for GPS (of individual)3 Months
Timeline/Activity data for: Shipment, Order, Inventory and Appointments4 months in-app**
De-identified analytical or aggregated dataAs long as needed

* Does not include Active Transactional Data or Master Data  ** Data will be moved to an archive post retention period for a period of up to 3 years 

Data will be removed post retention period according to a schedule and procedure defined by Turvo. The full implementation of this plan will occur over a period of time.   
Turvo will continue to revise the data retention guidelines in alignment with business requirements and industry best practices.