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Report scheduling (auto-run)

Schedule reports to run automatically ahead of time and receive the output by email.

This article covers:

 User environment(s): Warehouse tenant; Customer tenant


How to schedule a report

Learn how to set up a report to be emailed to you directly. You can choose the cadence of how often the report is sent to you and the range of data that is pulled into the report. See instructions below.

To access Lineage Reports, open the Shortcuts menu in Lineage Link by clicking on the arrow or Lineage Link logo and selecting Lineage Reports. 

You will be taken to another tab in your browser window and will see a list of reporting options.

From the list of reports, right-click on an individual report name and select schedule to begin configuring the report to run automatically on a schedule of your choosing.

You will be redirected to the Scheduled Jobs menu, select Create Schedule.

The page will load the following set of tabs for you to configure.


Parameters tab

This tab allows you to choose the range of data that is pulled each time the report is run. The parameters set are based on the type of report you have chosen. See common fields and examples of how to configure them below.

Once you’ve finished setting parameters for required fields and any optional fields available on the report, click save to proceed to the next tab.

Schedule tab

This tab allows you to choose the days and times you need a report to auto-run.

Click save to proceed to the next tab.


Output Options tab 

Customize the output of the report by naming the file, adding a brief description, and selecting the desired file format(s) you need each time the report runs.  


Click save to proceed to the next step.

Notifications tab

Add emails of the recipients who need to receive the scheduled report. Include a subject and message to the email that is sent to the recipients each time the report auto-runs. Note: Users must be in Lineage Link before clicking the link in their notification email and navigating to the scheduled report. 

Click save to proceed to the next step. 

A modal will appear to name the scheduled job that you have configured so it can be distinguished from other scheduled report runs.

Once the job has been named, it is visible on the Scheduled Jobs page for the selected report. 


With the report scheduled, all you need to do is wait for the automated email at the next run time. Once you receive the automated email, it contains a link over to the report that was run. The report will display information based on the key parameters you’ve chosen for this scheduled job. 

Note: Users must be signed into Lineage Link first before clicking on the report link from the email. If the user does not have Lineage Link access, they will not be able to go to the report.

How to remove a scheduled report

If you no longer need the report to run, follow the steps below to remove it from your Scheduled Jobs. 

Right-click on the report and select Schedule to access the Scheduled Jobs page. 

Select the trash can icon on the right side of the job you wish to delete.

Select Yes on the confirm modal window that pops up. The scheduled report will then be deleted and users who were included in the scheduled report output will no longer receive emails for the report.