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Active/historical order detail for an item

The Orders tab of an item shows details of active and historical orders the inventory item has been added to.


This article covers:


View an items active and historical orders

Once on an item, select the Orders tab to see a list view of orders that have the items inventory added to them. Quickly toggle the list view by selecting the Active or Historical button. 



Filtering active and historical orders

Apply filter criteria to help search and sort through the list of active and historical orders.




For example, selecting the Delivery date filter allows you to choose the date range for when the orders are scheduled to be delivered.


Link from an item to an associated order

When viewing active or historical orders, you can drill into much more detail about an order by linking over to it.


Click on an individual order from the list of active or historical orders to link over to it. You will now be taken from the Item in Inventory over to an associated order where you can find more detail.