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View inventory by item ID (lot & pallet detail)

The number of hours spent on pulling inventory reports, calling/emailing a facility, and navigating multiple systems when monitoring inventory can be significantly reduced by incorporating Lineage Link into your daily workflow. 

With Inventory Visibility, you can see all the data from your suppliers, products, inventory, carriers, and customers in real-time.

 This article covers: 

Searching by an item ID

Two ways to search your inventory for product stored across multiple Lineage facilities:


Global Search

To quickly find and navigate to an item stored at a Lineage facility, you can search by:

Search wide open by typing in a reference or narrow your search by selecting the Inventory filter in Global Search.

Pro-tip! View an item ID that has quantities stored across multiple Lineage facilities right from your Global Search results.


Hovering over a search result will pull up the Item Summary Card to the right of the search and display that items balances at one facility.  

 To see more detail for an item at a Lineage facility, click on the result you wish to navigate to.

Filter the Inventory Summary

To quickly find and navigate to an item stored at a Lineage facility, apply a filter to your Inventory Summary page to search by either the item description/name or item ID, then click APPLY


View stock on hand by lot, pallet, & item ID

Search for any item ID where you store products across Lineage facilities. Drill through the Details tab of an item to view associated lot and pallet level detail. 

Toggle between lot or pallet detail.   


Filter criteria

Use filters to prioritize data that is most important to you. 


Reference an explanation of each filter option & fields below. 


Note: Certain fields may not populate. Data displayed for certain fields will vary depending on what information is sent over from your company to the Lineage warehouse when the product is received. 


Using different units of measure

Access the units of measure icon at the top-right of the Inventory page. 

View data in different units of measure such as,


Use the unit of measure icon, to view quantities for on hand, available, committed, and on hold product in a different unit of measure by selecting one from the drop-down. Note: By default, Base units will be displayed (cases/totes/drum/barrel), depending on the standard unit of measure your company uses. 

Keep in mind, if you change your measurement it will make the change across all inventory data that are displayed, for example: 

Global Search results will display item quantities, in the unit of measure you’ve selected.


Lot/pallet detail will display quantities, in the unit of measure you’ve selected. 

Report on inventory

To access and run inventory reports, click on the Lineage Link logo at the top of any page you’re on to expand the App Tray shortcuts. Select the Lineage Reports shortcut (no additional sign-in required). 

 Lineage Reports will open in a separate tab on your browser, so you can easily toggle between Lineage Link and the reporting platform. 


How do I run/export a report?

Select a facility or multiple facilities, for which you want to run a report. 

Fill in the fields any required fields with an asterisk (*) first, before you run the report.  

Once you have the desired criteria, click on the APPLY button to run a report.

Once the report has been processed, click the export icon to choose from a range of file formats such as Excel or PDF.