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Your company profile

As an Admin or Super admin user, you can configure your company’s profile settings in your Lineage Link tenant.

Using the Admin console, you can easily change and update:

Step 1: Access the company profile page

Navigate to the Admin console by clicking on your profile icon in the top right corner of Lineage Link. Select Admin console.

Then click on your Company Profile.

Step 2: Fill in the profile information

Under the General Information > Profile section, you can update your company name, address, phone number, and email address. Click SAVE to save changes.

Step 3: Add/update logos

Within the Logos section, you can upload a Primary and Account logo to display in your tenant.

Updating logos

To update your logos, hover over the current logo and click to Change image.

Within the image update modal that pops up, click UPLOAD A NEW IMAGE.

This will open a file folder, where you can browse folders within your computer to find the right image file. Note: The recommended size and dimensions mentioned above for each logo type. 

Once you've selected the image, a preview will populate in the modal. Adjust the viewing window to the right size to capture your logo. 

Click SAVE to save your changes.

Final Step: Refresh your screen!

Refresh your screen in order to see the updates you've made. The new Primary logo should appear in the upper left corner of your tenant and the company profile information will be saved.